Placenta Praevia in Pregnancy – My Story

I was excited, it was the day of my 12 week scan for my second pregnancy. That glorious day when you get to see your baby for the first time. I laid on the couch, still gulping down water -as you do, just in case – and the radiographer squirted on the jelly. There was my little peanut. I squeezed my husbands hand, big grins on our faces. We were told everything was fine, the placenta was low, but not to worry it would move up as the pregnancy progressed. We weren’t worried, the news sounded fine, so we left with our little print to put in the keepsake book.

The pregnancy went along as I was expecting, and it was soon time for scan number 2! I couldn’t wait, we had decided to find out the sex of the baby this time and we were looking forward to discovering whether it would be another little girl or a boy. The radiographer had a good poke around and confirmed to the best of her knowledge that we were having another girl. She did point out though, that my placenta was still low lying. When I asked what that meant, she said that if it didn’t lift then I would be looking at a planned Caesarian as it was blocking the way out and baby wouldn’t get through. I was a little disappointed that I possibly wouldn’t get another natural birth, but we’re both realistic and happy that the best would be done for baby when the time came.

The next few weeks passed without incident, until week 27, when, without warning I awoke in the middle of the night thinking I’d had a bit of an accident! I went to the bathroom, but when I wiped, my heart sank. It wasn’t water, it was blood – and lots of it. I woke my husband and we grabbed our daughter and rushed to the hospital. I was in such a panic, thinking that I was losing the baby, I was begging him to drive faster. The staff at the Maternity unit were fantastic, I was hooked up to a monitor and baby’s heartbeat was going nice and strongly. The bleeding had stopped by now thank goodness, but I was still worried. The on call Consultant came to see us and said she was going to give me steroids in case I had to deliver fairly soon. It was the Placenta Praevia she said. I was at risk of a serious haemmoragh and we could both die. I would be admitted immediately for bed rest and monitoring. I was in shock. No one had mentioned the risk of this happening at either of my appointments, but I knew I was in the right place. It was 9 days before Christmas and I was going to be in hospital for an unspecified amount of time. A week later, after no further bleeding, I was allowed home with instructions to rest as much as possible.

Christmas and New Year passed then on the 9th of January I started to bleed again. A sense of de ja vu hit us as, once again, we headed for the hospital. I was admitted immediately but told that there was no room in special care, should baby have to be delivered, so I would have to be moved to another hospital and it was looking like one over 100 miles away. I broke down in tears, I couldn’t face the thought of being so far away from family with a possible premature baby. As it happened, the staff found a bed in a hospital in the next town and I was moved by ambulance immediately. I had another haemmoragh at 33 weeks, which fortunately stopped again quite quickly and was finally moved back to my own hospital, which was much easier for family to visit.

At 35 weeks, I was sitting watching TV at my bedside, when I felt wetness again. I hobbled to the toilet and shouted to one of the other mums to grab someone for me. The midwife came in, took one look at me and the next thing, all the emergency buzzers were sounding, I was helped back to bed, and I was surrounded by doctors inserting drips and all sorts of things. I was quite used to bleeding by this time, and could still feel my little girl kicking so I wasn’t too worried, but the staff were. I was wheeled immediately down to the delivery room and the staff called my husband to come in. One of the Consultants came in and told us that if I hadn’t stopped bleeding by 3pm – it was 1pm – then I was going to be having a baby. I was checked regularly and the heartbeat monitored constantly, until at 2.50, the bleeding once again stopped. The emergency C Section was cancelled and I was moved back to the ward later that night.

4 days later it happened again and once again, I found myself in the labour ward. Another Consultant came to see me and decided that at 35 +6 enough was enough and baby was coming as soon as theatre could be prepared. My husband was called and made it to the hospital with minutes to spare and get changed before we were whisked away, numbed up and baby number 2 made her appearance 4 weeks early, but still a not bad 6lbs 2oz. My only wish after going through that, was that someone had explained all the risks right back at the first scan, even though there was a chance that the placenta may have moved out of the way of its own accord, however, the care I got, was amazing and I made a lot of Midwife friends after nearly a total of 7 weeks in hospital.


Thinking Slimmer – 12 Week Review

WOW! It’s amazing how fast 12 weeks can go!

As most of you know, I embarked upon a 12 week programme with Thinking Slimmer with a healthy degree of skepticism. I wasn’t convinced that listening to a recorded voice was going to be able to change my attitude with food, never mind be able to help me lose the weight that I’d managed to pile back on over recent months.

So, judgement day has arrived. 12 weeks of listening to the Slimpod has come to an end. Has it changed the way I look at food now? – YES! Has it helped me lose weight? – YES! After 12 weeks I am 21lbs and 15 inches down from day 1. I no longer feel as though food is ruling my life. I am able to go food shopping and not just ignore the sweetie/chocolate/cake aisles, but I don’t even contemplate browsing them now. I am making healthier changes on a daily basis and feeling in general like a ‘normal’ person.

During these 12 weeks, there has been 2 birthdays and 1 rare night out without the kids. I have enjoyed a piece of cake on each occasion and a meal out, wthout feeling any guilt. It has been a breath of fresh air to not have to watch calories or count anything, to know that eating out is a part of life that can be enjoyed every now and again.

One of the positives for me has been the way the kids have seen my attitude to food change. They are eating healthier food every day now and are tending to reach for fruit rather than ask for crisps, simply because the bowl is always full and not going through various stages of decay. One thing I was always worried about was having my 2 girls start an unhealthy relationship with food because they had seen what Mummy was going through with all the can’t have this, can only have this much of that!

The main thing for me has been my issue of confidence and self like. It has been at rock bottom for many years, but since listening to the Slimpod, it has been gradually getting better and better to the point, where I’m looking at doing volunteer work, which is something I would never have considered in the past.

Overall, this has been a very rewarding and enlightening experience and I’m quite sad that the 12 weeks has come to an end. Will I continue to carry on using the Slimpod? Absolutely! I still have a way to go weight wise and I know that it will get me to where I want to be, gently and totally.

There’s always a chance for learning

The unimaginable happened in our house today – we had a very rare power cut. I was on the laptop doing some work before the oldest two came home, and my screen faded as the charger cut off and the radio fizzled into silence. Now I’m a big girl, I can cope when the power goes out, but the kids about to descend are another matter!

15 minutes later, the front door opened and the whirlwind that is my girls flew through. “Hi Mummy, can I go on your laptop?” “Hi Mummy, can I go on my tablet?” I’m taking a deep breath now, before I deal them the blow. “We have a powercut.” They look a little bemused. “We have no internet.” I explain. Tears spring immediately from the eyes of my eldest, middle devil shrugs “Ok can I put the television on then instead?” “We have a .powercut,” I try again. “Yes, you said, can I put the telly on?” This was going to be harder than I thought. “A powercut means we have no electricity, no internet, no cooker, no lights, anything that we need a plug for, isn’t going to work.” Tears from number 2 as well. “So what are we going to do now?”

Cue lots of chat about what happened in ‘the olden days when I was a child!’ How could I have possibly survived without any internet, mobile phones, computers etc. We ended up having a lovely bit of family time, chatting and laughing and playing board games. We got the power back on after an hour, but ignored it and carried on with our games.

I’m planning on having a ‘powercut’ more often 🙂

Thinking Slimmer – 4 week summary

So, as you know, I embarked upon the program with Thinking Slimmer with a healthy degree of skepticism. I have now completed 4 weeks and have come across an unexpected (but rather lovely) side effect!

So, what have I discovered?

1) Gradually over the course of the last few weeks, I have automatically started to make healthier choices. I haven’t bought any of my usual ‘rubbish’ crisps, cakes, biscuits etc. It’s not as though I’ve gone to the shops thinking that I won’t buy them, I just haven’t given them a conscious thought.

2) Usually when I tell myself I’m going on a ‘diet’ I am overcome with waves of unquenching hunger. This time, because I haven’t had to say it’s a diet, I’ve had no hunger pangs whatsoever. If I’m hungry, I eat and I stop when I’m full.

3) Holland and Barrett! Now this is a shop I usually avoid like the plague – it’s full of ‘healthy’ stuff that has always been forbidden on other plans. Things like nuts and seeds, dried fruits and other goodies. I now have a loyalty card – very bizarre!

4) I can have smoothies! I’ve never had smoothies, these are the work of the devil according to some plans and will eat up your daily allowance of whatever plan you are following. I have been out and bought a smoothie maker and enjoyed lovely fruity concoctions and can now get plenty of the 5 a day into my kids diets as they don’t care what’s in them as long as it’s a smoothie and looks cool.

5,6,7,8,9&10) The best bits – the ‘side effect’ I mentioned at the top. I have discovered self confidence. This is something that left me at the age of 16 after years of being bullied at school. I had no self confidence, self esteem that didn’t even register on the scale and a deep rooted hatred of myself. Over the last few weeks, I have gradually started to regain some of that, through listening to the Slimpod. I’m looking at life through normal eyes and realising that there is a life to be lived and I deserve to live it.

I am now 6″ smaller and 10.5lbs lighter than when I started and all this by eating normal, wholesome foods that are widely available to everyone. I haven’t once felt deprived and I’m enjoying eating things I never thought I would be able to eat.

I was asked to try the Slimpod, but all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

Thinking towards Summer…..

Christmas has gone – again and now is the time to be thinking towards the long 7 week school summer holidays that will creep upon us before we know it. I don’t prepare for many things in life, I tend to go with the flow, but the school holidays need to be planned with military precision. Filling up days with activities that would make a trained soldier wince, in a feeble attempt to keep the three devils occupied, can reduce even the strongest amongst us to tears.

Secretly, I would love to go away this year. We haven’t had a ‘proper’ holiday for what will be 3 years come July, but I’m scared. Youngest devil is what used to be called ‘a bit of a handful’ and I’m very wary of taking him anywhere that will confine him for any length of time i.e. an aeroplane! He’s never been on one although he has expressed an interest after spotting one jetting by overhead, but I fear for the sanity of the other passengers and their reactions to his outbursts.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m used to him and even I, sometimes can find his behaviour worrying. He’s prone to lots of verbal shouting and kicking which usually results in me getting the whispers and pitying looks. I just don’t want to make anyone elses trip uncomfortable. The only other option is to stay at home – again – with three bored children after week 2 and all local day trips exhausted. HELP!!!